14" Laptop Cases

14-Inch Laptop Case for Schools

14 inch laptop cases for schools

Laptop repair and replacement costs can create an additional financial strain on school districts while also causing disruptions to the student learning process. A well-constructed laptop case protects a school's investment by preventing damage from dropping and mishandling. Higher Ground is a leading manufacturer of high-quality 14-inch laptop cases for education that combine reliable protection with functionality.

Why Move to Higher Ground?

Higher Ground has been setting the industry standard for protective technology covers since 2003. A college educator and his former student founded the company to provide reliable solutions specifically for the education industry. Competing companies focus on developing general-purpose cases for consumer and business use. Higher Ground, on the other hand, tailors its product designs to meet the unique requirements of administrators, teachers and students. The company also adapts its products to comply with the evolving needs of school districts.

When you purchase a 14-inch laptop case for students from Higher Ground, you get: 

How Do I Protect 14-Inch School Laptops?

Tailoring your laptop case selection to specific user scenarios will typically provide the best protection results. Higher Ground products offer a wide variety of features and attributes that can fit every K-12 environment. You'll find cases designed for use-in-cart, work-in-case, and remove-to-use applications. Backpack-friendly options are also available for easy, safe transporting of devices.

Younger students have different needs than older ones. Higher Ground provides protection solutions that can accommodate kindergarteners, high school seniors and everyone in between. The Shuttle 3.0 is an example of a compact 14-inch laptop case for elementary students that allows them to work directly from the case. The Flak Jacket Plus 3.0 exemplifies a rugged yet lightweight 14-inch laptop case for high school students that meet their protection and storage requirements.

14 inch laptop case for kids

About Higher Ground K-12 Laptop Cases

A wide range of features and benefits sets Higher Ground 14-inch laptop cases for schools apart from the rest. Examples include: 

  • EVA construction consisting of the same foam used in running shoes and athletic pads for superior drop protection
  • Reinforced corners and extended edges that absorb the brunt of the impact when the case hits the ground
  • Hydrophobic coating that repels dirt and water while protecting case contents
  • Identification windows that deter theft and help to prevent mix-ups
  • Significant reduction in laptop repair and replacement costs
  • Availability of discounts from many insurance carriers, which makes Higher Ground laptop cases even more affordable 

Contact Higher Ground to Purchase Laptop Cases for Your School District

rugged 14 inch laptop cases

Take a moment to review the selection of 14-inch laptop cases for students from Higher Ground. Contact us if you have questions or need assistance. A knowledgeable service team will listen to your needs and collaborate with you to determine the ideal product for your learning environment. You can also receive a no-obligation quote and a free product sample to help you make an informed buying decision.