Asus Laptop Case

Asus Laptop Cases For Schools

Asus laptop cases for schools

Durable, well-designed cases can maximize your school district's investment in Asus laptop technology. Conversely, the failure to protect your devices can cause your computer repair and replacement costs to skyrocket.

Higher Ground offers superior Asus hard cases and bags that will minimize the risk of damage from drops, spills and other types of abuse. They will also provide the accessibility, functionality and comfort your students need to get the most out of their technology.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Higher Ground has been a leading innovator in the device protection industry since 2003. While many competitors produce "general purpose" solutions and attempt to adapt them to the educational market, Higher Ground takes a different approach. The company designs its Asus laptop covers and other products specifically for school use. You'll partner with a company that understands the unique protection needs of schools and is committed to improving the educational experience.

When you purchase Asus laptop bags and covers from Higher Ground, you will also get:

  • Attentive customer service every step of the way
  • A company that stands behind its products with a comprehensive lifetime warranty
  • Reliable assistance for resellers and distributors
  • Quick sample request responses and price quotes


How Do I Protect School Asus Laptops?

Think about how often your students drop, knock over or spill drinks on their school-issued laptops. A Higher Ground Asus laptop cover can prevent damage from these and other common mishaps. You will recoup your investment and save money by reducing your computer repair and replacement costs.

Higher Ground solutions feature high-quality materials that provide exceptional cushioning and remarkable durability. Each case undergoes meticulous testing to ensure that it will meet your unique laptop protection requirements.

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Key Asus laptop case features and benefits include an EVA foam construction that absorbs the impact instead of your devices. The innovative hydrophobic coating effectively repels dirt and moisture. Institutions that use Higher Ground products can experience up to an 85–90% decrease in screen breakage. Many insurance companies offer lower premiums to districts that use Higher Ground device protection solutions.

Laptop theft is another issue that plagues many school districts. Higher Ground cases also include identification tags that can deter thieves and minimize the likelihood of someone picking up the wrong device.


About Higher Ground K-12 Asus Laptop Cases

Higher Ground offers a wide range of protection solutions for every educational environment and usage requirement, including:

  • Use-in-cart: Perfect for districts that use mobile carts to store and transport their computers.
  • Carry-in-backpack: These drop-in inserts and capsules enable students to carry their laptops with them safely.
  • Remove-to-use: Enables students to transport and use their convertible 2-in-1 devices.
  • In-case use: Provides full-time protection by allowing students to keep their laptop in the case while working.


Buy Protective Asus Laptop Covers From Higher Ground

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Please browse the entire selection of Asus hard cases, bags and covers. Reach out to us to discuss your school district's protection requirements and get a no-obligation quote. Free samples are also available upon request.