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chromebook bags for schools

Protecting Chromebooks from damage caused by drops and mishandling is a challenge many K-12 school districts face these days. Chromebooks don't benefit from the more rugged design and construction of most laptops. Thus, they are more susceptible to screen breakage and other issues. A protective Chromebook bag from Higher Ground will safeguard your investment in technology while also lowering your repair and replacement costs. These expertly crafted bags are compatible with cartstake-home programs and other typical Chromebook use scenarios.

Why Move to Higher Ground?

Higher Ground was founded in 2003 by an educator and his former student, who share a passion for innovation. They've applied their insight to the development of high-quality protection solutions for educational technology. Higher Ground designs Chromebook carrying cases for schools specifically in today's K-12 environments. While competing companies create products for the general consumer, Higher Ground focuses on solving problems for school districts.

Higher Ground continues to fulfill its commitment to the education market by offering services such as: 

How Do I Protect School Chromebooks?

Safeguarding Chromebooks requires choosing the most appropriate protection solution for the task. Higher Ground simplifies the process by offering such a wide variety of Chromebook carrying cases for students. Some of the company's more popular products include: 

  • Shuttle 3.0: This user-friendly, work-from-the-case model ensures rugged, full-time Chromebook protection and enables students to transport their devices safe. The bag's ready-to-use design enhances functionality.
  • Flak Jacket Plus 3.0: The ultimate "armored sleeve" for Chromebooks, this slim, lightweight case provides the ideal combination of size and protection. It also includes an outside pocket for carrying Chromebook accessories and school supplies. 

Chromebook Bags for Students

All Higher Ground Chromebook carrying cases for students will protect the devices at their most vulnerable points. Reinforced corners and beveled edges extend well beyond the borders of the Chromebook, significantly reducing the risk of damage from drops. Stiffened front and back surfaces help to prevent screen cracks. 

chromebook bags for kids

Other valuable features and benefits include: 

  • EVA foam construction that cushions the blow when the bag hits the ground
  • Hydrophobic coating that repels dirt and water and protects the contents of the bag
  • Identification window that minimizes the risk of theft and misidentification
  • Up to an 85-90 percent reduction in screen breakage
  • Substantial decrease in Chromebook repair and replacement costs
  • Availability of premium discounts from some insurance providers 

Contact Higher Ground to Purchase Protective Chromebook Bags for Your School

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Trust Higher Ground to deliver a protective Chromebook bag that will provide an excellent long-term return on your investment. Your bags will exceed your expectations for quality, functionality and value. Browse our current selection of Chromebook carrying cases for schools, and feel free to contact us for more information and a no-obligation quote. Free product samples are available upon request.