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Google Chromebook Cases For Schools

Google chromebook cases for schools

Chromebooks are lightweight, easy-to-use devices that are perfect for school environments. However, these valuable learning tools are delicate, which can lead to high repair and replacement costs for school districts.

Higher Ground can provide Chromebook cases for schools that will protect your investment in technology. Your equipment will last much longer as a result, and you can keep your computer-related expenses under control. These covers also promote functionality and accessibility to meet the learning needs of your students.


Why Move to Higher Ground?

Higher Ground has been setting the standard for the portable storage industry since 2003. The company's co-founders recognized that mobile technology was the wave of the future in education. They designed the first protective case for the school environment, and they continue to raise the bar to this day.

All Google Chromebook hard cases and covers consist of high-quality materials. Unlike many competing products, they will not fall apart after a month or two. They also undergo meticulous testing to ensure that they meet the company's high standards. Other reasons to purchase Higher Ground protection solutions include:

  • Excellent service to maximize your customer experience
  • Lifetime warranty that assures the company stands behind what it sells
  • Unparalleled vendor support
  • Quick responses to quote and sample requests
  • No-hassle 30-day return policy for additional peace of mind


How Do I Protect School Google Chromebooks?

Younger and older students alike are notorious abusers of expensive computer equipment. While a Higher Ground Google Chromebook cover will not eliminate dropping, kicking, spilling and stealing, it can significantly reduce the risk of damage. You won't have to replace your Chromebooks as often, and you can spend much less on repairs.

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Key protective features that come with these well-constructed cases follow:

  • The same EVA foam used in running shoes cushions the device against hard impact
  • Identification windows allow for tags or labels that can deter theft and prevent misidentification
  • The hydrophobic coating keeps dirt and moisture from reaching the Chromebook
  • A heavily padded structural frame provides superior compression protection

These Google Chromebook cases protect so well that educational institutions using them can reduce screen breakage by 85 to 90%. Insurance companies also give substantial discounts to districts that purchase Higher Ground products.


About Higher Ground K-12 Google Chromebook Hard Cases and Covers

With Higher Ground, you can find a case solution for every scenario for students from kindergarten through senior high. Google Chromebook covers come in multiple sizes to ensure the perfect fit for your devices. Select from:

  • Capsules and drop-in inserts for students who carry their Chromebooks in backpacks
  • Remove-to-use models for 2-in-1 convertible technology
  • Use-in-cart versions for districts that transport and store devices in charging carts
  • In-case products that eliminate the need to remove the computer from the cover


Buy Protective Chromebook Cases for Schools From Higher Ground

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Review the selection of Higher Ground Google Chromebook cases and place your order online today. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs in further detail or request a free product sample.