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Lenovo Chromebook Cases For Schools

lenovo chromebook cases for schools

Many budget-conscious school districts are turning to the economical Lenovo Chromebook for their mobile computing needs, but these low-cost devices are not built as tough as their full-size laptop counterparts. Because these products are more susceptible to damage, schools can incur higher replacement and repair costs.

A carefully designed, solidly constructed Lenovo Chromebook hard case or bag from Higher Ground can provide the ideal solution. Use these solutions to protect your delicate technology from drops, falls, spills and even theft.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is a design-focused company that has been elevating functional protection for K-12 schools since 2003. As the original education case provider, the company remains at the forefront of portable storage industry innovation. While competitors attempt to copy its products, Higher Ground continues to push the envelope to stay ahead of the rest.

Higher Ground also sets the industry standard for service by delivering:

  • Quick quotes and sample requests to help school administrators make informed purchasing decisions
  • A no-risk trial that will enable you to return a product within 30 days if you are not satisfied
  • A lifetime guarantee that covers defects in materials and manufacturing
  • Support for vendors, distributors and resellers of the company's products


How Do I Protect School Lenovo Chromebooks?

It's uncommon for a school day to go by without at least one mobile device "misadventure." While a Lenovo Chromebook cover from Higher Ground cannot stop bad things from happening to your computers, they can limit damage. Districts that use these cases can reduce screen breakage by up to 85–90%. Insurance carriers also understand their value — many offer significant premium discounts to schools that use Higher Ground products due to their cost-saving capabilities.

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A Lenovo Chromebook case for schools offers the following protection features:

  • A high-quality hydrophobic coating that keeps the device dirt-free and dry
  • EVA foam that cushions the Chromebook when it strikes the ground or a hard object
  • Identification windows that allow students to label the device clearly to deter thieves and prevent misidentification
  • Airflow channels that keep the computer cool and reduce the risk of overheating
  • Multiple case sizes that ensure a secure fit and stop the Chromebook from sliding out


About Higher Ground K-12 Lenovo Chromebook Bags and Cases

You can find a case solution for any scenario — and every student in your district. Available options include:

  • In-case use products that minimize the risk of damage by allowing students to work with their devices in the case
  • Capsules and drop-in inserts that provide padding for computers carried in backpacks
  • Remove-to-use models that are compatible with 2-in-1 Chromebook models
  • Use-in-cart solutions for districts that use charging carts when storing or transporting their devices


Buy Protective Lenovo Chromebook Covers From Higher Ground

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Protect your expensive technology and save money by purchasing Lenovo Chromebook cases online from Higher Ground today. Feel free to contact us to discuss your school district's requirements. We can also provide a no-obligation quote for large orders as well as free samples upon request.