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Lenovo Laptop Cases For Schools

lenovo laptop cases for schools

If your school district relies on Lenovo laptops as learning and teaching tools, you understand the need to protect your investment. The right laptop cover can significantly reduce damage caused by drops, falls and general mishandling.

Higher Ground offers expertly designed and well-constructed Lenovo laptop hard case covers and sleeves that will keep your expensive mobile equipment safe. You will get a high-quality, purpose-built case that can extend the lifespan of your computers and reduce your repair and replacement costs.


Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Years ago, a college professor and his former student anticipated the onset of laptop use in an educational environment. They started Higher Ground in 2003 to provide a protective solution for laptops that also facilitated functionality. Together, they created the first laptop case that provided a stable, non-slip platform for these devices.

Over the years, Higher Ground has continued to be a trailblazer in the portable storage industry. As a design-based company with a focus on the education market, Higher Ground remains several steps ahead of the competition. When you choose a rugged Lenovo case for your laptops from Higher Ground, you'll partner with a forward-thinking company committed to improving education and helping your school district save money.


How Do I Protect School Lenovo Laptops?

Laptops are susceptible to damage, especially in a school environment. A Lenovo computer case will provide dependable protection against drops, slips, kicks, spills and other potential hazards. All Higher Ground cases consist of only the best materials and undergo meticulous testing to ensure their superior performance, durability and reliability. School districts that use them can experience up to an 85–90% decrease in screen breakage.

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Key Lenovo laptop cover features include:

  • EVA foam: The same foam material used in running shoes can cushion your laptops when they hit the ground.
  • Hydrophobic coating: The covers will keep dirt and moisture away from your devices.
  • Airflow channels: Your laptops will stay cool, reducing concerns about overheating.
  • Various sizes: Lenovo laptop cases are available in multiple sizes, making it easy to achieve a secure fit.


About Higher Ground K-12 Lenovo Laptop Cases

Older students have different laptop handling, storage and usage requirements than elementary school pupils. Fortunately, Higher Ground designs and produces protective cases for every educational setting. Choose from a variety of cover options to fit your needs:

  • Use-in-cart: The best choice if you use or store your computers in charging carts.
  • Backpack-friendly: Slips easily into and out of backpacks for safe, convenient laptop carrying.
  • Work-in-case: Provides maximum accessibility and functionality.
  • Remove-to-use: A practical protective solution for convertible-style laptops.


Buy Protective Lenovo Computer Cases From Higher Ground

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Other excellent reasons to choose Lenovo laptop cases from Higher Ground include:

  • Top-notch customer service every step of the way
  • Lifetime warranty coverage for your protection and peace of mind
  • Risk-free 30-day trial that enables you to buy with complete confidence
  • Vendor assistance
  • Quick quotes

Browse the Higher Ground selection of rugged Lenovo laptop cases. Contact us to request a sample and receive a no-obligation quote.