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Use In Cart Cases For K-12 Schools

Charging Cart Cases

Many K-12 schools use charging carts to manage their laptops, tablets and Chromebooks. Carts offer a convenient and secure way to store and charge equipment while it's not in use. However, when students remove the devices from the carts, the technology is exposed to drops, mishandling and other hazards of everyday use. Accidents happen, and when they do, it's comforting to know there's a reliable way to minimize the damage. Higher Ground offers a variety of use in cart cases that will protect your investment and give you peace of mind.

Why Buy From Higher Ground?

Higher Ground is the original education-focused case company. Since its founding in 2003 by a college educator and his former student, Higher Ground has continued to develop protection solutions geared toward the educational market. These cases are also durable — they often outlast the devices they're designed to protect. Each use in cart case undergoes meticulous testing to ensure it meets our high standards as well as those of teachers and administrators.

Unlike many competing case companies that implement a "cookie-cutter" design approach, Higher Ground creates products specifically for student use. The built-in functionality and accessibility help students perform better in the classroom. By focusing on quality and innovation, the company will continue to set the industry standard for years to come.

How Do I Protect School Laptops, Tablets and Chromebooks?

Students throughout the K-12 education environment have different needs. While younger pupils typically use tablets and Chromebooks, high school students tend to rely on laptops as learning aids. By offering a variety of use in cart cases for each device type, Higher Ground can provide the ideal protective solution for every grade. Examples of the many carts and kid-friendly options that we provide include: 

  • Datakeeper Cart: The perfect use in cart case for 11-inch Chromebooks, this universal sleeve can also accommodate a broad mix of devices typically found in a classroom cart. There is no need to purchase another charging cart tablet or laptop case with each upgrade to new equipment. The EVA foam construction provides the same type of protection as athletic pads. The slim design fits into any slot of at least 1.25 inches. Case edges that extend well beyond the device provide excellent drop protection.

charging cart tablet cases

  • PROTEx Folio: An ideal use in cart tablet case for iPads, the PROTEx Folio features an X-strap that ensures a comfortable, confident grip in horizontal and vertical orientations. The cover folds into a stand, providing typing and viewing angles. 

About Higher Ground Use in Cart Laptop and Tablet Cases

All charging cart laptop and tablet cases offer: 

  • Full-time protection
  • Fabrics include a hydrophobic coating that repels dirt and water
  • Identification windows that deter theft and prevent misidentification
  • lifetime warranty that is the best in the industry
  • Potential discounts on insurance premiums 

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Charging cart cases for schools

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